4 Hands Massage

4 Hands Massage London

What could be better than a tantric massage? Well, you could try two pairs of hands on your body of course! We find that there are two type of massage client in this world: those who have tried the 4 hands massage London service and loved it, and those who have yet to try it. So, if you have yet to experience it, make this the time that you change your mind.

Here at Chase Massage we offer this memorable service in all of our incall London tantric massage locations. You may also be able to get a 4 hands service as an outcall too, but you’ll have to call to discuss this with our receptionists and it will depend on your chosen masseuses’ availability. Whichever type of service you choose, you will always have a wonderful time with Chase Massage!

Why choose our 4 hands massage London services

As if you needed a reason to book one! The mere fact that you will have two girls sliding their hands and bodies all over yours ought to be enough to convince you. The feel of one girl massaging the top of your body, perhaps around your head and shoulders, whilst the other is working away at the bottom part of your body, on your legs, is incredible to say the very least.

Now imagine what this service is going to provide you with, both physically and visually, once the girls turn you over and you see them before you, stroking you and relaxing you. They will be working perfectly together, in unison to bring you to the point of bliss, whereby you will release pent up sexual energy in a climactic crescendo. Believe us when we tell you that these young masseuses work very well together and know only too well just how much they are exciting you. And don’t worry, they will make your experience last!

Even meeting the two of them together has to be something that you will relish for the rest of your life. The girls are always very happy to see you, they’re fun and full of life and get along famously with one another. This isn’t like any other 4 hands massage London service you’re likely to get, the girls from Chase are all very good friends and all know each other very well indeed.

Masseuses who offer the 4 hands massage service

Practically all the girls we represent offer a 4 hands massage London service, all you have to do is call and let us know who you would like to pamper you. The girls love doing this because it’s a very fun and exciting massage and they love the reactions they get from their clients. The service is pretty much the same as any other tantric massage that they offer, only you have two of them doing it. Double the pleasure, double the visual and physical stimulation!

Practically speaking, it’s a good idea to book your 4 hands massage as far in advance as you can really, just in case the girls aren’t available together at the time you want, or one of them is elsewhere and has to migrate to the other girl’s location. Luckily they’re all around London City of course, so it shouldn’t take them too long. They like to be ready for you when you arrive, so giving them as much time as possible is highly advisable.

No anxieties

Because the girls all know each other personally, and they all get along so well, you will be put at ease immediately. They’re going to be looking forward to your appointment arguably as much as you are! The girls all speak perfectly fluent English to. In fact practically all of them are British anyway, and they love to have a chat and a laugh.

It will become very evident to you, very quickly, that they are well used to meeting guys they’ve never met before, and they are all supremely confident in their ability to give you the 4 hands massage London experience you’re hoping for.


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