Aqua Massage

Aqua tantric massage

An aqua tantric massage? Yes, that’s what we said. So, some of you will be wondering just what on earth that is. Allow us to explain in a little more depth. It’s actually not something that you’ll get at every sensual massage agency in London. And it’s certainly not something you’ll get at one of those cheap Asian parlours you see dotted about (you want to avoid these places anyway of course!)

At Chase Massage you will always get the very best tantric massage service. We have a great reputation around City of London and surrounding areas and this is why we only ever include a specialist service if we know for certain that the girls are capable of delivering what they say they can. We don’t make a habit of making promises we can’t keep, and our Aqua tantric massage is no exception.

What is an Aqua tantric massage?

Well, here’s where it’s a little different from a ordinary tantric massage. It begins with you and your chosen masseuse in the shower. Yes, together in the shower! Now that sounds lovely to begin with doesn’t it? We did say “Aqua!” Anyway, your beautiful and very talented young masseuse will begin your experience by giving you a nice scrub down in the shower, getting things nice and wet and getting you in the mood for the service you know is on it’s way.

It actually works really well like this really. Once you get very excited and all your cares are melting away in the shower, there is a brief break where you can calm down a little! Then it’s to the massage location. You will both be naked and your masseuse will give you one of their very own, unique classic body to body tantric massages. This will be done with a very special lubricant called Nuru gel that’s actually the slipperiest massage substance you could possibly use. It’s designed for this sort of thing.

If that doesn’t get you picking up the phone, then we really must suggest that you may well be on the wrong website! Just take a look at the girls on this page – who all do this specialist Aqua tantric massage – and imagine them in the shower with you, soaping your soaking wet body. You really shouldn’t need any more than this. Now you will perhaps see why it’s one of our more “specialist” tantric services!

The girls who provide Aqua tantric massage

The girls who provide this specialist tantric massage are all listed here on this page. You needn’t worry, we don’t nominate any girls for a specific massage if they don’t do it. We’re not one of those agencies! You know the ones we mean we’re sure. They’ll tell you that their masseuses will do this and that, and then you turn up and they don’t know what on earth you’re talking about.

Actually, whilst we’re on that subject, and we’re talking about girls not knowing what you’re talking about, what about English-speaking masseuses? Luckily for you, all the masseuses who work with us at Chase Massage speak fluent English. In actual fact, the lion’s share of them are British. So you see, you’re going to able to communicate very well with them indeed. And they do love to chat and get to know you before, during and after your appointment. They are very confident and charismatic young ladies, each and every one of them.

Booking your massage

All you need to do is call or message us and let us know which of our lovely young masseuses you’d like to try this massage out with. They’ll all love doing it for you we’re sure. You can go along to any of our incall locations in and around London City, or perhaps even book an outcall visit, dependent on where you are located.

Call today with your booking, or any questions and we’ll be happy to help!

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