Nuru Massage London

Well, you ought to know by now that Nuru massage girls are all about the slide! It’s got to be slippery in order to get you all worked up and excited (actually you’re likely to be very excited the moment you meet!) Your Nuru massage London booking depends on two things. Nuru Gel to make sure that things are slippery enough, and a highly trained and experienced masseuse to do the job.

Nuru gel is the stuff for the job, definitely! It’s manufactured for the sole purpose of sensual massage practices. And it’s the gel of choice for virtually any Nuru massage London agency in the city. If your masseuse doesn’t have Nuru gel, and she’s offering Nuru massage, she isn’t going to give you the real deal. This will never happen at Chase Massage!

Fake Nuru massage London providers

You need to be very aware of other masseuses working independently, and with agencies. Those that offer Nuru massage that is. They may not always be offering authentic Japanese Nuru services. They may not even have the correct gel for the massage to begin with. The only real way to tell is to have a massage using the genuine stuff.

You can ask them to see the product they are going to use before you use it. If they’re not using it, they will more than likely be reluctant to show you. You can’t give a good Nuru massage with baby oil or anything similar. It’s just not nearly slippery enough. If you’ve ever used baby oil before as a lubricant for massage (or something else!) you now have something to compare against. Nuru gel is ten times more slippery than this!

Or you could come to us and have a real Nuru massage and then you’ll be able to measure all the others Nuru massage providers against that! We welcome you to try them out of course. It’ll be a little like the “Pepsi challenge” of massages!

What is Nuru gel?

Nuru gel is water soluble and very easy to clean away. It’s never going to leave any residue on your body, or stains on your clothes. This is a bonus for those of you gentlemen who probably aren’t really aren’t supposed to be getting a Nuru massage to begin with! Nuru gel has other benefits too, besides being the slipperiest massage gel on the market. Some types of Nuru gel are made up from seaweed and other natural minerals, giving it a nourishing and rejuvenating effect on your skin. How about that? You get the ultimate, traditional erotic body to body massage, with a substance that’s good for you too!

Our Nuru massage London goddesses

Nothing gets things more slippery and sexy than the genuine Nuru gel that’s used by any professional Nuru massage London goddess! But that’s not the only thing that counts. The key to success with any Nuru massage is having it done by a true professional! These girls have been using Nuru gel for a long time, on many different body types. They know exactly what they’re doing. They should really be getting paid by Nuru gel the amount they use!

Now, imagine if you will for a moment, one of the lovely creatures you see here on this page, sliding her own naked body across yours? Now imagine this. By using this gel, you’re going to feel every curve of their body and every bump as they slide themselves from your head to your toes. Making sure to catch everything of importance in between of course!

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