Outcall Massage London

Outcall massage London services are becoming increasingly more popular these days, and here at Chase massage we’ve got you covered (quite literally when you think about it!) We have enough dedicated masseuses in the city to visit you in any hotel of your choosing. However, our masseuse would prefer to keep their bookings as local as possible. They really do not want to be shooting off to the West End for an outcall massage London booking, when it could take them best part of an hour to get there.

They’re very busy, as we are sure you can understand. When they stay in their incall apartments in the City of London area, it’s much more convenient for them. But they will always cover practically any hotel in this area, without any problem at all. And there are some very nice places to stay in this part of London. If you take a look at our City of London page, or any of the locations we list, you will find some ideas. Of course, you can always just use Google!

Talented outcall massage London girls

These girls know London like the back of their hand. Yes, they do prefer to limit themselves to the London City area most of the time for practical purposes. But that is not to say that if the price is right and the booking long enough, that they wouldn’t consider going further afield. You would have to call to make enquiries. The girls are efficient, discreet and highly professional, and they love going to hotels! Let’s face it, who doesn’t like going to hotels?

Why book London outcall massage services?

Sometimes you just don’t fancy strolling around London to an incall massage location, we get that. It’s often nice to simply get into your robe, pick up the phone and call an outcall massage London service, and have a beautiful young woman come to your hotel. Hell, if you’re going to stay in a hotel in London, then you’re already clearly spoiling yourself. Why go half measures when there’s all that bliss just waiting for you beneath the fingertips (and the bodies) of our lovely Chase girls!

Outcall London massage services

All of the massage selections you see in our list are available as an outcall massage service. Your chosen masseuse will bring everything she needs with her to your booking, and she’ll come dressed to kill, as fresh as a daisy! Obviously, your outcall massage will depend on the facilities you have available to you in your hotel to a certain extent, but as long as you have somewhere to lie down and make yourself comfortable, you’re going to be just fine. Just let our young masseuses do all the work and create the perfect atmosphere; there’s absolutely no reason to worry.


People come and go from hotels all the time, and these people include masseuses, hairdressers, delivery people and many other professionals. So, you really needn’t concern yourself with what anyone thinks. The staff at most hotels are very used to people coming and going, and as long as your masseuse can get access to you in your hotel, your outcall massage service shouldn’t be a problem at all.

There may be occasions where you’ll need to let reception know that you’re expecting a visit, but believe us when we tell you that the moment that staff member has been informed, they’ve forgotten about it! Besides, getting a London outcall massage is incredibly common these days, it seems everyone is doing it! We wouldn’t have opened Chase Massage were it not the case!

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