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There simply isn’t enough sensuality in the world today! Here at Chase Massage you will find us to be proponents of a more sensual world. We are tactile creatures, each and every one of us. Pretty much everything we do is sensual! This is of course why we are rapidly becoming providers of the best sensual massage London can provide. Our sensual massage will have you booking a second visit before you’ve finished your first. At least in your head, because you won’t want it to end!

Many of our clients have a favourite masseuse. However, we would be quick to have you book with another girl if you’re a fan of sensual massage London style. You see, these London girls all have quite unique ways of making you happy. You’d only feel like you’re missing out were you not to try them all right? And don’t worry, they’re not the jealous type!

Sensual massage London: Slow and sexy

The art of a good sensual massage in our experience is to savour it. This is true for the client and the masseuse alike. You will find that the girls you see at Chase Massage are all good at recognising what you need and what you are are enjoying the most. It’s important to communicate with you throughout your sensual massage to make sure everything is as it should be. They’re hands and body will be in contact with yours practically all the time, making it feel as though the two of you are in fact one!

One of the main reasons people come back to Chase Massage is that our girls never rush their sensual massage London bookings. Working slowly is the key to pure sensual energy. There is literally no point in rushing what will happen inevitably anyway! Half of the pleasure of a properly executed sensual massage is the build-up. These providers are nothing like the masseuses that you might find in one of the cheap Asian parlours in Central London. Those girls are for tourists and clients who know no better!

More to sensual massage than simply rubbing your body!

There really is! In order to offer the best sensual massage London service, it becomes necessary to do more than simply a good massage. Our masseuses find that when they have the atmosphere right, it greatly enhances the client experience. This can include music, candles, and perhaps specific scented oils etc. Do be sure to let us know if you would rather not have our masseuses use scented oils during your massage. We are aware that some of you desire a certain level of discretion. Don’t worry though, you can always take a shower when you have finished and we have a choice of men’s toiletries on offer.

There are two more ways in which Chase Massage girls amplify their sensual massage London service. Firstly they ensure that they present themselves to you immaculately and very provocatively to instantly put you in a sensual mood. You will always find a Chase girl looking good enough to eat! Secondly, they will always try to establish a rapport with you. All the girls speak fluent English (most are British anyway!) and they are keen to chat and get to know you. They enjoy having a laugh and each of them has a very unique sense of humour and sharp wit that will greatly amuse you.

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