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Welcome to a new era in tantric massage! Chase Massage are proud to introduce you to some of the latest treatments for the truly discerning sensual massage aficionado. If you’re into tantric massage, then you’ll be into our new Signature tantric massage experiences; especially since all of them involve one of our classic body to body massages. And you’ve seen the girls, right?

Each of our new Signature Tantric Massage Experiences focuses on your body and mind in a very specific state. Because they all involve a body to body massage, they’re all going to end in pretty much the same way, but it’s what else is included that you’re sure to find very interesting. Read on to find out more about each one and then give us a call to book your experience. As always, if you have any questions at all, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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1 Hour Signature Tantric Massage – £150

1.5 Hour Signature Tantric Massage – £220

2 Hour Signature Tantric Massage – £280


Recover Me tantric session

Recover Me Tantric Massage Experience

The “Recover Me Tantric Massage Experience” is all about making you feel better when you’re in need of recovery! We’re talking about when you’ve been out the night before, had too much to drink and you have a very sore head in the morning. It’s an awful feeling we know, and it’s arguably not the time you’ll even be thinking about having a tantric massage. But we have thought long and hard about this, and strongly believe that we’ve come up with a solution.

Your “experience” will begin on your arrival, by being offered a bloody Mary. You may think that an alcoholic drink is the last thing you need the day after, but having a quick boozy drink in the morning really can take the edge off. Trust us, it will help you with your recovery. We focus a lot on your head, neck and shoulders in this tantric experience, paying particular attention to your temples and sensitive areas. It is in many respects guided by you in this case. This is especially so, since everyone suffers differently from a hangover.

You perhaps already know that the girls are as gentle as they can be, whether they’re providing you with a body to body massage, or a basic massage (or any other massage for that matter). So you will trust us when we tell you that when you’re feeling particularly fragile, they’ll know what to do with you. Besides, we’re sure that you’ll pep up a bit once they take off their own clothes and give you one of our classic body to body tantric massages. This is what completes your Recover Me Experience!


Detoxify Me Tantric Massage Experience

In a world full of toxins (London in particular), we all need a little detox from time to time. Some more than others of course. This ties in nicely with those of you who have been in need of the “Recover Me” experience actually. All those nights out and all that convenient food and not enough rest, really builds up in your body. It leaves tell-tale signs inside your body and right through to your skin. This is the reason we have innovated the brand new and exclusive Detoxify Me Tantric Experience.

In the same way as the first signature massage experience begins, this detox session starts with a detox tea. We strongly recommend that you drink it too, it’s very good for you and it will start the detox process. You will then be guided to lie down and have your masseuse give you hot towel and steam treatments to help cleanse your body and rejuvenate your skin. This process will help eradicate the toxins coming to the surface. This is followed up by a gentle body scrub, that’s strongly recommended too. You will feel invigorated and cleansed.

And of course, to conclude, one of our classically memorable body to body tantric massages. Whilst this is arguably the most enjoyable part of your session, we strongly advise you not to wish your time away and try to hurry your masseuse. She is well used to giving these treatments and we know what we’re doing. Get the full benefit of the session, it’s what you’ve paid for!

Relax me signature massages

Relax Me Tantric Massage Experience

And finally, our Relax Me Tantric Experience. This is one of the most relaxing and paradoxically stimulating sessions we offer. Beginning again with another specially selected tea on your arrival, your masseuse will talk through the process of how she intends to give you the ultimate in relaxation. You will be encouraged to take part in some specially prepared breathing exercises with your masseuse. These are very beneficial and will focus your mind and your body for what’s to come. The conclusion of your session will be much more rewarding the more you embrace this part.

You will be relaxed with soothing hot towels and a variety of different aromatic massage oil (with unscented options available of course). Your tantric body to body massage can begin with you fully relaxed and ready to allow your masseuse to take you to a state of bliss that you’ll be already well prepared for.

If you require any further details about our new Signature Massages, please feel free to call us, we’re always happy to help.

We hope you enjoy our service and we encourage you to send us your reviews!

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