Slippery Massage London

Well now, you’ve heard of tantric massage right? Well, this is our gallery of girls who offer slippery massage London bookings. We’re pretty sure you get the idea when it comes to this kind of massage. It’s pretty much the same as a Nuru massage of course. The Nuru massage is arguably the slipperiest massage in the world, simply because it relies on the use of Nuru Gel. This is the slipperiest substance every produced for the massage business. It’s used for personal use too of course, and you can actually buy it yourself. Why not try it out with your wife or girlfriend?

Slippery massage London professionals

Getting a slippery massage doesn’t have to involve Nuru gel however, the masseuses we represent can make pretty much any of their services slippery. It’s all about the style in which they do it. And these styles are markedly different from masseuse to masseuse. This is what makes Chase Massage one of the most popular and unique agencies in London. And we’re getting more and more popular the more people that find out about us!

It’s a reputation we have earned though, make no mistake about it. We work with the best professionals in the business and always have. The girls are fun, flirty and very talented. Many have been formally trained in the tantric arts too at various schools around the world. And those who haven’t have all had plenty of experience and training from those who have. You see, we run a tight community of friends here at Chase. We all know each other very well. We socialise together, and we even massage together. You’ll need to see our 4 hands massage for this of course!

Other slippery massages

Well, as we said, a slippery massage London booking doesn’t have to be a Nuru massage. You will find however that others can be just as slippery. Not necessarily the classic tantric massage services however. These do not always require lots of lubricant, since they are carried out with the gentlest of touches and strokes. Body to body massage obviously requires oil or some form of lubricant. When the naked body of your masseuse is sliding all over yours, there will need to be something aiding the movement. And we don’t mind telling you that it’s pretty damn terrific.

Our aqua service is of course another very slippery massage, as can the 4 hands massage be, depending on how it’s done and by which masseuses. The key thing to remember here is that we’re not always obliged to use masses of lubricant on your body to make it the massage of your life. It’s best to trust the discretion of your masseuse. After all, she’s the professional here! But please keep in mind that if there is something in particular that you want, or you have a very definite idea of how you want your massage to go, do let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Now all that’s left for you to do is to choose your favourite professional and let your slippery massage London booking begin!

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