Swedish Massage London

Those who go for a Swedish massage London booking usually have a general idea about what it’s like. It’s the type of massage that everyone calls to mind when they talk about a massage basically. It’s traditionally not a sensual massage of course, but when it’s done the Chase Massage way, we can change all that should you wish.

In much the same way as a sensual massage, a Swedish massage London booking will relax your entire body. But it will do it in a very different way of course, and it’s much more thorough in this respect than a standard tantric massage. Where a tantric massage will relax you almost spiritually and indeed sexually, a Swedish massage will focus on gliding strokes along all your major muscle groups.

Get the blood flowing again

A Swedish massage is the perfect choice to improve your circulation. Our masseuses are well versed in this technique of course. Their long strokes along your weary body will be made in order to ease the blood flow back to the heart, thus improving the oxygen in your blood too. In the process it will aid your body in doing away with any toxins from damaged or torn muscles from excessive exercise and stress. Our Swedish massage London bookings are very popular with athletes and those that lead a more sedentary life alike.

No more stress with a Swedish massage

Because this amazing massage technique improves blood flow, as well as feeling very nice of course, it improves the flow of various hormones in your body. An increase in dopamine levels and a significant decrease in cortisol (caused by stress) are all very common with a Swedish massage. Not only will it help repair damaged muscle tissue and reduce stress, it will also improve your immune system and help you fight against common infections and other illnesses. All this from a massage!

Incorporating the two!

Now to the important part. It’s up to you of course, but the option for you to combine our classic Swedish massage with a sensual twist is there for the taking. It’s very popular to have your session begin with this classic therapeutic massage, easing your muscles and improving your circulation. Then ending it with some classic sensual massage techniques. As we have said elsewhere before, all the girls who work with us here at Chase Massage, have their own unique way of incorporating these two. We couldn’t possibly put a greater value on either of these, so we believe that using them both to provide a wonderful experience really works well. We have yet to receive any complaints!

Choose from the girls listed

You will find all the girls capable of fulfilling your Swedish massage London booking here on this page. We wouldn’t put their profiles here for you to select if we didn’t know for sure that they really do know this technique and have practiced it often. There is nothing worse than having a lacklustre Swedish massage from a provider that doesn’t know what they’re doing! You will never experience this with Chase. Every massage we offer, and every masseuse we represent at the agency, will be the best you’re likely to find in London; or indeed the world!


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