Tantric Massage Training

Alongside all of our tantric massage services in London, we are proud to announce that we are also happy to offer tantric massage training. This doesn’t have to be to girls who want to become sensual masseuses either. We’re offering this unique service to our clients who want to experience our services, but also learn a little about how it’s done.

They may be interested in spicing things up at home with their wives or girlfriends. In fact, this is quite a common occurrence. And we would firstly like to commend you for thinking about this. It’s not every man who wants to revitalise things in the bedroom of his own home to keep things “alive and kicking,” so to speak. With our tantric massage training you can do just that.

Professional tantric massage training

The girls we have working with us at Chase are not only very talented at what they do. Many of them have been pursuing this career for so long that they have become very competent teachers too. Providing some basic and intermediate tantric massage training to clients who really do seriously want to learn, comes easy to them. They find it a fun and worthwhile experience and they love to see the results of their teachings.

Their methods will all vary of course, dependent on the masseuse who trains you. This is because they will only ever teach their own style of tantric massage. It would be a fruitless enterprise trying to teach something they didn’t know so well wouldn’t it? This gives you the opportunity to book several different masseuses at different times and learn a little from each of them. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be just as talented. But remember this, truly great tantric masseuses and masseurs are only as good as the experience they get practising their craft.

Use it or lose it!

If you pick up some useful tips and techniques from the girls on how to make your partner at home happy, you really need to practice it often. Of course, she won’t complain about this we’re sure! You don’t actually have to be in a relationship to do this either. If you’re a single guy who likes to “play the field,” so to speak, this could be a valuable tool in your toolkit when it comes to impressing the girls in the short term too!

Are you a masseuse, or do you want to be one?

If you’d like to be one of our masseuses and you are already trained in the art of tantra, or any sensual massage techniques, all you need to do is contact us and we can review your application. We would be keen to see you if you can meet with our criteria. We don’t represent just anyone however, so you’d have to have what it takes to be part of our friendly team.

We are obviously looking for attractive women to join the team. You would need to be physically appealing and physically fit too of course. But arguably as important as being able to offer tantric services eventually, you would need to have a great personality. We see a lot of clients and they all want to feel at ease with someone they can talk to and perhaps form a regular professional relationship with. Working with us at Chase can be a lot of fun for the right applicant!

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